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Philip D Bennett isn’t just a speaker who fills your roster with his name and his credentials. He really believes in delivering value and triggering changes that last. Mentored by some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurship niche, with four critically acclaimed books to his name, Philip is someone who instantly bonds with his audience and interacts with them in a very candid way to drive home his messages.

From topics like fear and frustration and how to overcome them to making the most of disruptive technologies to evergreen business strategies like direct response marketing and client acquisition, Philip D Bennett brings the fire power of his considerable experience pushing people to “think about their thinking”.

In a world full of business motivational speakers who focus on their achievements as a way to inspire, Philip is an iconoclast. He exposes his vulnerabilities to establish the human connection, secures buy-in from the audience through response eliciting interactions and then lays bare the thinking behind the process or the solution that has worked for him so that those on the other side of the stage can leave motivated to take the insights, apply their own unique circumstances and achieve results that are just right for their business.

Because no two entrepreneurial ventures or problems are ever the same.

Philip D Bennett leads with a genuine respect for the audience and a desire to affect positive changes by being on the same page as the listeners.

He doesn’t proclaim himself a guru or a saviour. His credentials speak volumes about his competency while he himself speaks to the frustrations and obstacles that people face in their business, their life and the road to manifesting their desires.

“Philip Bennett is a positive and inspiring leader. He lifts others up around him when he walks into a room with his attitude and vision.” – Jason Smith


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Collabortank Every month (3rd Tuesday)
Empowered Entrepreneur Tamra Sue Ongoing Online Email Delivered Summit
Impact Hub Seattle Flege LLC 12th May 2016
Innovate! & Celebrate Global Conference Tech Co. 20th – 22nd September 2016
Boise State University (Venture College) Boise State University 5th and 12th of October 2016
Make Your Good Business Great Summit Kim Victoria 16th January 2017 onwards


Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Induction Ceremony Boise State University April 28, 2015
Game Changers: A Seminar for Entrepreneurs, Students, & Startups COBE, Boise State University September 18, 2014
Boise Code Camp Boise State University April 5. 2014


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