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Powering Your Way to Google Top 10 with Power Pages

If you love traditional SEO with its focus on keywords and lots of tags, you’ll literally despise this post.

Because I will ask you to step out of your comfort zone.

Not to mention, there will be plenty of hard work involved.

But if you do take the plunge and follow the steps, you will find your site’s Domain Authority (DA) improving. And you’ll create a lot of noise in the right places.

What You are Doing Wrong and What to Do Instead:

No time to sugar coat. There are things you do on a consistent basis that don’t help your content findability or your brand power.

Search Engine Land came up with a post to demystify search engine rankings.

According to this credible article, Google has over 200 ranking signals. But the ones it pays the most heed to are:

  • Backlinks
  • Content
  • RankBrain (I won’t cover this because it calls for a separate article)

Further research by Backlinko cements the position of backlinks as the foundation of Google’s Top 10 search results elite.

You might be thinking “That’s not new. I already know that” (smug smile)

Yeah… but here’s the thing.

Who do you produce content for?

(chorus) Our ideal client

Do you get a lot of views from these prospective customers?

(chorus) Yes!!

Does you content reach Google Top 10?


The problem is – You write for your customers. And your customers are looking for solutions to their problems.

They either:

  • Find that solution and move to the next phase of research where they evaluate your products and offerings against those of your competitors.
  • Or read the content, give it a like and move on because they simply don’t have sites to link out to your content from.

RESULT – Your painstakingly written content does well on social yet bombs on Google. You have little to no backlinks.


What are Power Pages?

The concept was invented by Brian Dean from Backlinko. Power Pages are designed to be highly shareable and generate a ton of quality backlinks.

No, you won’t have to pay people to go out and find authority brands to link back to you, if you design it correctly they will do it automatically.

So, what exactly is a Power Page?

A Power Page is a blog or landing page designed to appeal to influencers as opposed to your target demographic which becomes a valuable resource for the niche maven to share to their followers. It’s essentially a form of influencer marketing which relates back to your brand.

The idea of a power page is to build authority on your own site, generate backlinks, climb the SERPS and get shared by as many people as possible.

To achieve this, the Power Page must have a wide appeal that provides an insane amount of value to the reader [influencer] which motivates them to share it.

Don’t worry, we’ll be breaking down the fundamentals of a power page shortly, but first it’s important to understand the purpose of it.

Here’s an example of a Power Page from Backlinko itself.

As you can see, the blog post has been shared almost 19,000 times and have 2.7 million backlinks from 11,900 domains. Now that is a lot of Link Juice!

Can you imagine having that amount of power within your own business? It’s astounding I know!

But how did Brian Dean achieve this? What’s his secret? Well, let me explain.

How to Power Page like a Pro!

As mentioned, Power Pages are not catered to YOUR target demographic but rather targets industry mavens who have influence over sizable audiences. If you can catch just one of these BIG WHALES you’ll be swimming in backlinks and social shares.

So how do you go about making a Power Page?

To help you understand it a bit better, we have compiled three Power Pages that have worked in the past for different brands.

EXAMPLE 1 – Your FESTIVE Guide To 150+ Christmas Events In Atlanta

Atlanta Traveler is a website focused on…well…traveling in Atlanta. However, their Power Page went a bit more specific and was perfectly timed for the holiday season. Thus, they created a ‘Festive Guide’ showcasing more than 150 ‘things-to-do’ while in Atlanta.

Furthermore, they made it more user friendly by breaking down the content into categories. You can see it right under the first custom image they have in the post [A bunch of categorized hyperlinks]. This allows users to select what most interests them and provides incentive for a market maven to share to their audiences.

This falls under the ‘Go-To Guide’ framework – providing value to users by doing the research for them on their behalf. With more than 10.5k social shares, 6 referring domains and a 181 backlinks, we can see that this format is highly effective in creating a Power Page.

Example 2 – The 50 Best Healthy Food Blogs For Clean & Lean Eating

The second example is very different than the previous one for a simple reason – it’s meant to leverage ego and convert it into social currency [shares]. What do I mean by this?

Within the current example, the author compiled a list of the 50 best Healthy Food Blogs for Clean and Lean Eating. The fact that they specified ‘clean and lean’ within their title, narrows the target market and increases conversion rates based on the specificity of the content. This adds value to the end user but is not the main strategy within the Power Page.

If you notice, the post has a custom graphic in the shape of an award that reads “Top Food Blogs for Clean & Lean Eating”. This graphic is meant to resemble your typical “Editor’s Choice” stickers and even resembles the traditional coloring for these types of awards.

The idea here is to bait out the bloggers who are being mentioned within the list to share the content with their followers because the post is designed to give them authority within their niche. There must be hundreds of thousands of healthy blogs online, to be considered to be in the “Top 50” is an honor and appeals to your ego. In turn, you’re more compelled to share the Top 50 List to showcase that your blog is better than the rest.

Once more, the list provides value to the end user, but rather relies on having the content creators themselves share your post with their followers, allowing you to tap into their markets with their help.

This blog post got 916 social shares, 1407 backlinks from 79 referring domains.

Example 3 – The Skyscraper Technique by Backlinko

The final example we’ll be looking at is from the man himself, Brian Dean. In this example, he’s providing a step by step approach to creating exceptional content. He breaks down every element within the process of what he calls “The Skyscraper Technique” and explains how you could do the same thing on a small budget.

Of course, this is something that everyone within the realm of internet marketing would like to talk about and thus as a result he generated more than 3,000 social shares and thousands of backlinks.

Throughout the totality of the content, you’ll notice links to relevant resources, custom built graphics and simple steps that even a Neanderthal could follow.

Finally, he opts in for a downloadable CTA in the form of a Check List to ensure that you’re doing everything right within the Skyscraper Technique.

And as expected…this Power Page is still providing value to Brian Dean…I mean, we just linked to it didn’t we?

The Fundamentals of Power Pages

Understanding that going through this entire content piece to find the relevant information for you could be a ‘drag’, we’ve decided to make a short checklist to provide you with the fundamental elements required to create a Power Page.

  • Power Pages ARE Long Content Pieces with some even reaching over 10,000 words
  • Power Pages ARE NOT intended to sell anything but only focus on providing value to the end user
  • Power Pages ARE meant to target influencers
  • Power Pages HAVE plenty of outbound links relating to vital resources that assist in making the content more valuable.
  • Power Pages ARE media rich.
  • Power Pages ARE easy to share by providing a visible sharing button on the page.
  • Power Pages ARE optimized around popular medium tail keywords that are of importance to influencers.

Power Pages do take some time to develop and perhaps you’ll have to do a few until you truly master the technique.

However, once you get them right, they can become a fundamental element within your marketing strategy that can deliver value to your brand over time.

If you’re serious about climbing the SERPs and generating organic traffic…Power Pages are the way to go! If you’re interested in finding out more on how you can apply Power Pages to your marketing today, reach out and let’s have a chat to see how we can incorporate this amazing strategy right now!

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