Innovate! & Celebrate

Boise’s Own Philip D Bennett Will Mentor at International Conference to Celebrate Entrepreneurship

 We’re excited to announce that Boise’s talent searchlight and serial entrepreneur Philip Bennett has been selected to participate in the Innovate! & Celebrate Global Conference. Phil, who has worked on initiatives like the Kick Incubator for startups and is a long standing Fledge mentor, will be speaking and coaching attendees at the Silicon Valley conference. Because Innovate! & Celebrate is an international endeavour, the offer is one Philip is proud to accept.

Innovate! & Celebrate

Innovate! & Celebrate Global Conference is a brand new event from the minds at, formerly Tech Cocktail. They’ve been running large conventions for years and specialize in bringing together leaders in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. By combining the two at the Tech “Cocktail” events, the organization has filled a valuable niche and created a new way for businesses and technologies to interact and grow.

When the conference starts on September 20, 2016, CTA and will feature renowned keynote speakers like Naveen Jain, the founder of Moon Express and Blue Dot. Naveen will speak about his entrepreneurial journey and about his experience as the founder of the first private company allowed to land on the moon. And this is just the beginning. Other luminaries will pitch in with their nuggets of wisdom. The sessions are bound to be rich in knowledge and varied in context. The CTA will also have media training workshops and a forecast of what tech products consumers will be looking to buy this holiday season. That’s all interesting, but if you’re more interested in the startup side of things, they have another attraction that’ll set your heart aflutter.

Startup of the Year Competition

Over the last year of startup mixers, has collected a list of the world’s most innovative startups. The mixers each had a competition, and now the winners are going head to head to be the Startup of the Year!

The competitors hail from dozens of US states and countries like the United Kingdom, Chile, Canada, and Rwanda, and will be judged by respected entrepreneurs and angel investors. Think a pitch competition on steroids! If you like the adrenaline rush of seeing companies find their feet, you will be witness to an amazing display of grit, creativity and the “never say die” attitude! 

Mentoring at the Highest Level

This won’t be the first time Philip has been a mentor – he’s done it before at Fledge and with great aplomb. But mentoring at the Innovate! & Celebrate is taking it to a whole new level. Philip’s students will be up and coming stars in technology and business, and he is excited to teach them how to leverage their money and time to change the world.

Philip and the other mentors will do group mentoring, and a select few will do one-on-one sessions. These interactions are great opportunities to be around those who have years of experience in the art of creating successful brands and pick up on the nuances of being an entrepreneur because there is more to setting up a business than knowing the processes. 

If you want to learn more about the Innovate! & Celebrate Conference, check out the official website.

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