Exponential Entrepreneurship: Massive Growth Through the Abundance Mind-Set and Cutting Edge Technologies

I have always been very vocal about the impact of mentors in my life. In fact I am an evangelist where seeking coaching from incredible people to produce amazing results is concerned. Of all the things in life that are transient, this obsession of mine doesn’t abate. And recently I had the pleasure of spending time with a visionary and an iconoclast, who just happens to have a very strong influence on my work and mind-set. I am talking about the inimitable Peter Diamandis – Space Exploration Guru and Disruptive Technology Master.

Philip D. Bennett & Founder of XPrize Peter Diamandis -- keeping it real!
Philip D. Bennett & Founder of XPrize Peter Diamandis — keeping it real!

And the encounter had me pondering about the relationship between what we believe in and what we manifest! Peter is the best-selling author of the book Abundance: The Future is Better than you Think, which has inspired a paradigm shift in the way entrepreneurs think about their opportunities, their business growth and what is possible in life. Needless to say, this concept of plenty over scarcity played a large part in propelling me forward to new highs of success and since then I have closely followed Peter’s work, taking to heart his insights.

I am extremely intrigued by his latest revelations around exponential technologies and would like to elaborate upon its various facets in the context of abundance.


An abundance mind-set has nothing to do with the actual monetary condition or financial stability of an individual. In fact, abundance is not defined and circumscribed by money at all. It refers to a state of being that inspires a sense of ‘plenty’ and ‘positivity’ in a person, encouraging him to embrace the motto ‘Anything is possible as long as I have conviction’.  Abundance opens your heart to acceptance. It pushes you to give freely of your time and your skills because you understand the fact that there is ‘a lot more from where that came’.

It is essential for entrepreneurs to realize the benefits of an abundance mind-set. It offers a vista of potential instead of bleak portents of failure. It kindles hope and helps them weather the ups and downs of their business without giving in to fear and depression. It is a precious leverage to have since it makes life worth living.


Simply pledging a commitment to abundance is not enough. It is difficult to stick to a routine of purposefully taking note of only the good happening around you if you are bombarded with tight little balls of tension and negativity from every quarter. Peter suggests being mindful of two things to really cement the sense of abundance and facilitate blooming of the seeds of hope and expectation.

  • People – Your community is the single biggest contributor to your business. The individuals you surround yourself with can believe in your dreams and nurture them with their support. Or they can hack at the saplings with corrosive thoughts and discouraging actions. The choice is yours. It is never simple to set boundaries in terms of who you would like to let in but tough decisions yield high returns.
  • Place – The setting of your life or the place you are at is of paramount importance. What kind of content you consume, the social media channels you tap and even the technologies and ideals you subscribe to affect your thoughts and ultimately your actions. If you are addicted to stories of doom and gloom on news channels and take these as the gospel truth, they will twist your outlook and drive you to operate from fear, hesitation and lack instead of abundance and infinite possibilities.

Our atavistic brain (the Amygdala) is very receptive to danger. The fight or flight response is encoded in our DNA. It takes rigor and discipline to shift from expecting disaster at every turn to setting filters for garbage and focusing on what serves growth and development. But it is possible and if you aren’t yet aspiring to touch the stars, there is no better time than now to lay the foundation stone of an abundance mind-set.


You may be familiar with the term ‘exponential technologies’. These are trends that start out slow but chart a trajectory of exponential (instead of linear) growth and adoption with time. Computers are a prime example. As per Moore’s Law the processing power of ICs double every 18 months and this has allowed the entire human race to enjoy miracles like telecommuting and world-wide connectivity. Today almost 3 billion people in the world have access to as much cloud computing power as the US government did back in the early 2000. And by the end of this decade the number will bump to 6 billion.

Thanks to Google and other endeavors, knowledge today is no longer guarded behind closed doors. It is freely disseminated and can be consumed by anybody with an internet connection, irrespective of geographical location and social status. Exponential technologies encompass the very essence of abundance. They arm people with life altering opportunities and take away restraints of financial capacity, time and place which have traditionally held back democratization of learning and mass empowerment. And entrepreneurs who truly wish to be abundant need to:

  • Work with exponential technologies to create exponential momentum for their businesses
  • Go with the flow and learn from the changes in the offing instead of resisting them



Exponential technologies give birth to exponential entrepreneurs. People who generate massive transformations, business and growth for their brands by leaning on disruptive trends and not shunning them!

They are the future!! Over the next 5 years game changers like Artificial Intelligence, enhanced longevity, wearable technology, 3D printing and autonomous cars will transmogrify the landscape of the marketplace. Many staples of commerce, including the trillion dollar manufacturing industry will bite the dust. Shocking but inevitable! Did your grandparents envision a future where they would be able to carry around the discography of their favorite artist in a pocket sized iPod? Yet, we are past that achievement and then some.

Sweet success belongs to visionaries who can gauge the impact of exponential technologies on their industry. The need of the hour is deliberate disruption where the domino effect of the commercialization of something significant like 3D printing is analyzed and the future course of action based on the findings – no matter how alarming and alien they are! If you are interested in surfing the Billion Dollar Wave about to hit the economy as a champion:

  • Think about going digital. Analogue products and services entail tedious production and scaling costs. Once you go digital, you can benefit from the largesse of the Moore’s Law and have your brand permeate every nook and cranny of society (Think apps!)
  • Pay close attention to ideas and technologies in the deceptive state. They may seem like dark horses now but once they pass the unity bumper, they can potentially usher in a hundred new income streams while demonetizing existing avenues.

I strongly recommend going through Peter’s new offering Bold: How to Go Big, Make Bank, and Better the World. It is the most definitive work on disruptive technologies so far and provides a comprehensive framework of 6Ds for exponential growth.

Abundance is fast transitioning from being just a mind-set to a tool-set that can be applied to businesses for consistent, reliable results. And you better join the posse early.

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