Daily Recommended Reading: Creating Value, wisdom from Rajesh Setty

In the startup environment it is easy to get bogged down in all of the things that need your immediate attention–there is always a list a mile long, and everything on that list needs to be done RIGHT NOW. The truth of the matter is that we need help in these endeavors, and too often the way that we go about asking for help doesn’t create value for either party.

My mentor Rajesh Setty has written extensively on the subject of creating value for yourself and for your network. Most recently, he posted an article on LinkedIn titled “Easy for you, valuable for them”. In it he said:

Giving and getting good help is invaluable to creating meaningful value. But neither getting good help, nor giving good help is easy. Those who can give good help have lots of demands for their time. When you have good help to give, it’s not easy to find those that deserve and capitalize on that help.

When you meet an other professional, there are four modes of exchanging help


He continues to break down each of these four areas simply and effectively. I highly recommend reading the rest of his post here.

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