Best Business Books For Entrepreneurs

No two businesses are alike. And this is what makes choosing guidance related to entrepreneurial strategy such a difficult proposition. Experts detail their own experiences and their own perspectives. While their insights may inform you, they can never be a "plug-and-play" solution for your business dilemmas and problems. 

Philip D Bennett is frequently hailed as the creator of the best business books for entrepreneurs. This is because of an important differentiator. Philip strongly believes in helping people achieve more of what they want to be in life and have in their business ventures. Since these preferences are utterly unique, it is next to impossible to serve the varied needs with a one size fit all group program or indeed a book.

This is the reason why he FOCUSES on cultivating a mind-set that can grapple with roadblocks of complexity, see a way around the obstacles and sail through to the final destination of FREEDOM. If you are looking for cut and dried step by step processes, these books aren't for you. But if you are interested in learning the "Why and How" of everything entrepreneurship - from the issues that stump startups to the secrets of prosperity that not many entrepreneurs are aware of - you have come to the right place. 

These are some of the best business strategy books in the market that work on altering how you think. Because once the foundation is firmly laid, you can modify the proven frameworks, consider your own situations, resources and capacities and come up with answers that apply to your particular circumstance. ​

​Here is a quick guide to choose the right book: 

  • A startup struggling to get over the lean times, the inevitable frustrations and the disillusionment that freedom is still far away? The much appreciated F Words will help you get back on track and stock up on wisdom that helped Philip operate 6 very successful service companies.
  • Want to make the most of your resources and grow exponentially? C Loops is a critically acclaimed framework that will accelerate every aspect of your business by showing you the assets you can leverage and the best practices that take away the overwhelm around expanding your business.
  • ​Want to be a successful and thriving entrepreneur without compromising peace of mind or your drive to get things done? Prosperity Found in Ps is the ultimate handbook to understand concepts like persistence, packaging, pivot and perspective, see the interconnected nature of these facets and generate an unlimited supply of success and abundance. 

The C Loops by Philip D. BennettThe C Loops

A Process Centric, Experience Driven Framework for Exponential Business Growth

Business strategies that take you where you want to be and give you a S.E.L.F (Simple-Enduring-Lucrative-Fun) directed life.

It doesn’t matter if you are busy gathering funds for business expansion or are a well-established enterprise with goals of market dominance, The C Loops is … read more


Book "F-Words for Start-Ups"F-Words for Start-Ups

Equipping entrepreneurs with tools, techniques and mind-sets to overcome stumbling blocks and in the end sets down a realistic brief of what is to be expected in terms of challenges and the ultimate pay-off of true freedom and self-direction. This book is both imminently practical and poignantly hopeful. … read more


Game Changers: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs How They’re Changing the Game & You Can Too!

Game Changers is a collective MasterMind effort of leading entrepreneurs teaching their latest strategies to help you succeed in this new economy. Whether starting a business from scratch, or realigning your marketing and sales programs for established products and services, this book will teach you fresh and recently tested successful methods you need to know (and pitfalls to avoid).

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Prosperity Found in Ps

The sequel to F Words for Startups and The C Loops, Prosperity Found in Ps is the culmination of the understanding of how to run a business and have a joy filled abundant life. It develops the thinking in the two previous books and takes it wider and deeper. Through Prosperity Found in Ps entrepreneurs can expect to realize how simple every day concepts like prosperity, passion, persistence and perspective have a deep impact on the way a company is run and life is lived. Through this installment of his wisdom Philip D Bennett wants to tie practicality with spirituality and show that the apparent contradictions in fact complement each other.

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Learn the True Secrets of Prosperity!

Find out how you can:

  • Thrive as an entrepreneur without compromising mental peace. 
  • Develop an abundance mind-set for massive profits in your business 
  • Attract better opportunities in your life by truly valuing and leveraging what you have.