Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

How AI will Transform the Way You Approach Marketing

No Androids were harmed in the writing of this post!

Remember those futuristic science fiction movies about robots with artificial intelligence? Well, the future is now — but while AI may still show up in robots, it’s cropping up in a lot of other interesting places.

For example, it turns out that artificial intelligence has made inroads in the marketing world, thanks to something known as “machine learning”. The whole idea of machine learning is that computers can collect data and use it to make our lives better, which opens up a whole new way for marketers to reach their target audience!

This AI stuff is already happening right under your nose. If you have a smartphone, chances are good you’ve used Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. These are AI platforms that not only talk to you, but also learn. Click To Tweet. For example, it notices where you drive every day and makes recommendations about the best route to take.

Putting the i (AI) in Marketing

Now, imagine this same machine learning concept applied to marketing. What if you could have a platform that could segment your customers not through rigid buyer personas, but by actually getting to know each and every customer individually?

It sounds crazy, but consider a service like Netflix. You log on to watch a movie, and before you turn it off for the day, you spy a section called “Other Movies You Might Enjoy.” What Netflix is doing here is trying to make personalized recommendations that keep its customers engaged, because the more Netflix you watch, the more likely you are to keep paying for it.

This machine learning can apply to countless other marketing scenarios. Salesforce has created a proprietary Einstein AI technology that can make product recommendations within its commerce cloud, suggest email content and even provide forecasting tools for sales managers.

Salesforce Has AI

Like with many technological advancements, the practical use of AI in marketing is that it can automate the tedious parts of the process, while also improving the scale and reach of marketing beyond what the already-overworked marketing manager can handle. This has been debated for a while now but the proof for the claim that intelligent process automation makes humans smarter is already present.

The Robot and I: How New Digital Technologies Are Making Smart People and Businesses Smarter by Automating Rote Work
Via Visually

AI like Salesforce’s Einstein is designed to mimic the human brain in software form, which means it can learn, think, and interact with customers automatically. The alternative is using imperfect and overly broad rules-based systems for reaching customers. AI can do the heavy lifting in delivering the right message to the right client at the right time, with human marketers at the helm to direct the process. This applies to everything from a marketing message to customer service communications.

Artificial Advertising Intelligence

Even advertising will get more of the AI treatment! Traditional advertisements — from TV commercials to direct mail — have had to target a large group of people using generic demographic data. But as AI gets further integrated into devices and the way we consume content, you can expect AI to serve you ads that are incredibly smart.

The AI can draw upon user trends to determine when certain types of people will be interested in a particular product. It can even do the testing to figure out what kind of advertising copy got the best conversion rate.

What to Do With AI

You know the old saying: “If you can’t beat em, join em.” Expect AI and machine learning to become a much more integral part of business and marketing in the near future. It’s up to business owners to get really comfortable with data.

With that said, remember that AI is just a tool to help sales and marketing people do their jobs better. These skilled jobs aren’t completely going away, but a lot of the implementation and testing work may soon be considered AI work.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Siri!


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