Accelerated Business Growth

How to Set Your Business Up for Exponential Business Growth: The Essential Dos and Don’ts

“Can my start-up grow faster?”

“What makes those leading corporations influential?”

“Are there strategies that guarantee business success?”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a detailed to-do list when starting up a new enterprise that could guarantee you exponential business growth and prosperity?

Every entrepreneur or a start-up business wishes for their new venture to start off with a bang and be propelled to success naturally and, of course, fast.

The good news is there are a number of proven strategies and approaches to ensure exponential growth. But it isn’t going to be particularly easy togrow your business amidst the fierce competition even with these proven tactics. There are no shortcuts to success and you must put in consistent effort to understand your customers, market conditions, competitors and challenges.

Even though every business or entrepreneur starts from a different place with different goals, we have gathered a few dos and don’ts from experts that will set you up for accelerated business growth.

Do Embrace Innovation

The most successful entrepreneurs tend to be innovative constantly coming up with creative ideas to make a difference with their business.

  • They introduce new products and services from time to time.
  • They leverage modern technologies and tools in the market to improve their service.
  • They follow the practice of improving internal processes, enhancing operational efficiency and improving their business model for better

Continuous flow of innovation and creativity in business not only ensures sustainable growth but it also separates your business from the rest.

However, you need to be sure that your idea or strategy is effective enough to transform your business. Here’s a quick checklist to refer in order to determine whether a certain idea is in alignment with your goal of exponential business growth and profitability.

  • Is there a huge market to launch your idea?
  • Is your creative idea is backed by an expert team?
  • Is your idea designed to appeal to customers and investors?

Do seek expert advice

You may have a good knowledge of your field and even have a team of qualified professionals with a wealth of experience. But it is almost impossible to Know the best practices and growth boosting shortcuts of almost every aspect of running a business.

No matter how competent your in-house team is, leveraging expert help is always better. Even the most established entrepreneurs look for expert counsel to identify and make the most of growth opportunities around them.

Before you count on a certain consultant or expert’s advice for exponential business growth, make sure your advisor is known for their business acumen.

Don’t set long-term goals

It can be a bad idea to frame long term goals when your establishment is hankering for business growth. Under such circumstances needs can change quickly and the processes you follow or the resources you count on may no longer be relevant or adequate.

Short-term goals that you wish to achieve in a year or two can help your business create immense success. Allow yourself the room to be flexible and agile by not setting expectations could stay unfulfilled.

Do measure your progress

How do you know you’re growing if you don’t know where you started from in the first place?

Regardless of your industry and business nature, it is important to monitor your business’ progress to determine how it’s doing and what you can do to get even better.

There are numerous metrics to track the performance and growth of your business including monthly recurring revenue, customer churn rate, customer acquisition cost and inbound qualified leads. Keeping an eye on these metrics will help you determine changes and improvements you need to make so as to get better results and thrive.

Do keep your customers happy

Customers are an essential asset for the successful development of your business. Despite growth challenges and struggles you face, it is crucial that you keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Your relationship with your customers significantly affect the profitability and reputation of your business. And the relationships you build with your customers are based on experiences they have with your product, service and business. So, to foster strong relationships with buyers and to promote accelerated business growth, it is necessary to create rewarding customer experiences

Don’t put off contingency planning 

Unpredictable events, be it the loss of key employees or a natural disaster, can disrupt your business’ productivity and land you and your employees in financial difficulties. Having a well-though-out contingency plan in place helps minimise the losses incurred during downtime as well as safeguards your employees and assets from legal repercussions. You may never need to use a contingency plan, but it is essential that you have one,keep it updated and train your employees to act according to the plan in case of emergencies.

Dont ignore what’s happening around

To grow and sustain your business’s position in the market, you must keep up with the latest trends.

With rapid advances in technology, there are always new and effective ways to capitalize on the numerous opportunities available to your business in the rapidly shifting market.

Get into the habit of embracing relevant technological breakthroughs and stay abreast of trends. This will help you transform your business to meet the demands of your target audiences effectively while improving your bottom line.


Every business is unique and has different goals that call for different execution strategies. However, to turn your business into a success, it is important to know which strategy would work and which should be avoided.

The dos and don’ts discussed in this blog distil the advice from some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the field and are tailored to help you achieve accelerated business growth – without burning out, falling victim to frustration or wallowing in fear.

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