About Philip D Bennett

Philip Bennett is a best-selling author, speaker, story-teller, guide, and lifelong entrepreneur. His passion for living and teaching “a better way of doing it” has led him across the globe on a mission to improve lives—both professionally and personally.

A serial entrepreneur, Philip has started and operated 11 different companies over the span of the past 13 years—at one point running 6 companies simultaneously under the service conglomerate All-Care INC. In the past four years he has launched Prodromos Marketing and three client acquisition tools—ethicalpro.com, Rimbambo, and LittleGuyLocal. Additionally, in the past 9 months Philip has been working toward the launch of The Boise Hub and Collabortank which will be Boise’s preeminent co-share office space and startup incubator respectively.

Throughout this adventure Philip has helped hundreds of people start successful businesses. He built a powerful presence with the success of the book “Game Changers”, and is constantly developing content to help entrepreneurs live successful, fun-filled, and productive lives. Through his experience and gained expertise Philip has become a mentor to business people all over the world. He has created a position where this is inherently possible because of his heart for people and relationship development.

Working with people in just about every walk of life—from those trying to fulfill basic human needs, to thriving businesses, to students, to startups—the thing that has become very apparent to me is that everyone wants choices and opportunities to push them toward their bigger future.” — Phil Bennett

This heart has led him to service in Romania and Ukraine to help encourage those that are trying to rebuild their nations and to teach about business development and business ethics. He has traveled to The Democratic Republic of the Congo to rebuild infrastructure along the Ugandan border. He has been integral in organizing and facilitating several benefit concerts in his home town to benefit local non-profit organizations and he has spoken at and taught at several community driven educational events.

Philip is the father of three wonderful children and he counts that as his greatest success in life. Through being a parent he has discovered the tools for his success and business philosophy.

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